Describes a VODConfiguration for a Location.


VodServerBaseUrl Public accessible internet address for the VOD server. Used to construct embed codes.
ProviderName Name of Provider. "TRMS" is reserved.
DefaultQuality ID of TranscodeQuality that should be used to transcode a VOD if no quality is selected by user.
EmbedTemplate Template used to generate embed codes.
Id Unique ID of VodConfiguration.
Location ID of Location to which VodConfiguration belongs.
VodControlModuleSet ID of ControlModuleSet that is configured to control the configurations VOD server.
VodTranscodeQualities IDs of all VodTranscodeQualities for this VodConfiguration
CablecastServerBaseUrl Public accessible internet address for Cablecast server.
ReflectEnabled If true, Reflect embed codes should be used for public listings.
ReflectBaseUrl Base url to use when building Reflect embed codes.