Shows are the fundemental building block of the Cablecast Library.


Location ID of Location at which Show is located.
Id Unique ID of Show
AgeRating TV Parental Guidelines age rating
Title Internal title of Show. Used by operators only.
Category ID of Category that Show belongs to.
Comments Show comments.
BugText Default BugText to be used for Video Overlay.
CgExempt If true, Show should not appear in public listings.
ContentRating TV Parental Guidelines content rating.
CrawlLength Default duration in seconds for which Crawl should be displayed.
CrawlText Default text that should be used for Video Overlay Crawl.
Custom1 Data for CustomField1
Custom2 Data for CustomField2
Custom3 Data for CustomField3
Custom4 Data for CustomField4
Custom5 Data for CustomField5
Custom6 Data for CustomField6
Custom7 Data for CustomField7
Custom8 Data for CustomField8
EventDate Production date of this Show.
LastModified Time when record was last Updated.
LiveIpExempt If true, runs of this Show will cause any subscribed LiveStreams to turn off for duration of run.
LocalId User defined ID. Primarly from imported data sets. Not used by Cablecast.
PodcastExempt If true, Show will not be included in Podcast manifest.
Producer ID of Producer to which Show belongs.
Project ID of Project to which Show belongs.
Reels List of all associated Reels.
Vods List of all associated VODs.
CgTitle Title that should be used for public listings.
RunCount Number of times this show has run.
ShowThumbnailOriginal WebFile that represents the original thumbnail for this show.
ShowThumbnails Ids of thumbnails for this show record.
ShowFiles Ids of ShowFiles for this show record.
FirstRuns Ids of FirstRuns for this show record.