Represents a run of a Show on a Channel.


Id Unique ID of ScheduleItem
Channel ID of Channel on which ScheduleItem will run.
Show ID of Show to air.
RunDateTime Start time of ScheduleItem
RunBump Duration in seconds that will be added to RunDateTime to calculate actual start time.
RunLock When true, Autopilot will not be allowed to move the run to eliminate conflicts.
RunType The user-defined RunType of this Run.
BugText Text to be be used for Video Overlay BugText during run.
CrawlText Text to be used for Video Overlay CrawlText during run.
CrawlLength The duration in seconds that the crawl should be run.
CgExempt When true, ScheduleEvent should not be visible on public facing schedules. InterstialDwell will also not be applied to CGExempt ScheduleItems.
IdType Defines the type of this ScheduleItem. e.g. Show=1, ManualEvent=2, Empty=3.
ManualEvent ID of ManualEvent to be executed by this ScheduleEvent
RunStatus Indicates if Events have been calculated for this ScheduleItem.
Deleted Describes if the ScheduleItem has been removed.
RecordEvents IDs of record events that will be recording this schedule event.