Represents the PublicSite data.


Id Id of Public Site.
SiteName Name of the site.
Logo ID of the WebFile for the Logo.
IncludeInIndex If True, the Site will show up in the public site Channel Index.
GalleryTitle Title of the Gallery on the front page.
GallerySavedSearch ID of the saved search for the Gallery.
SiteGalleries Galleries associated with the site.
CarouselSavedSearch ID of the saved search for the Carousel.
AboutPageDescription Text to go on the About Page.
AboutPageShortDescription Text to go on the bottom of each page in the "about" section.
CustomColor1 Custom Color 1 - Could be anything.
CustomColor2 Custom Color 2 - Could be anything.
CustomColor3 Custom Color 3 - Could be anything.
CustomColor4 Custom Color 4 - Could be anything.
TwitterUrl Channel Twitter Url.
FacebookUrl Channel Facebook Url.
BlogUrl Channel Blog Url.
ContactPhone Channel Contact Phone Number.
ContactEmail Channel Contact Email Address.
SquareLogo ID of the WebFile for the Square Logo.