Ambiguous True when other DigitalFiles have the same ShowID - ReelNumber file key but are not the same file. These files will not be selected by Autopilot for playback.
AspectRatio Describes the aspect ratio of the file. 0: unknown, 1: 4:3, 2: 16:9
Bitrate Bitrate of the video stream in bits per second.
Server ID of Server on which file resides.
ControlModuleSet ID of ControlModuleSet on which file was discovered.
Codec Codec of video stream.
Created Date the file was created.
FileName Name of file.
FileSize Size of file in bytes.
FrameCount Number of frames in video stream.
FrameRate Frame rate of video stream in frames per second.
Height Height in pixels of video stream.
Id Unique ID for DigitalFile record.
IsValid When true, this video server has determined it can play this file. When false, this file will not be selected by Autopilot.
Location ID of Location at which this file is located.
Modified Last modified time of file.
Partial When true, indicates the server has not fully processed the file.
Path Full path of file on disk.
ProblemDescription A description of why this file is not valid for playback.
ReelNumber Parsed Reel number from file name.
SampleRate Sample rate of audio stream in kilohertz.
Show Parsed Show ID from file name.
SupportedFields Bitmask of which FileInfo fields are supported by the server that validated the file.
UpdatedDateTime Last time the file was indexed on its ControlModuleSet.
VbiExists When true, indicates the existence of legacy VBI file containing Closed Captioning information.
Width Width in pixels of video stream
Reel The Reel this file has been linked to based on ShowID and ReelNumber
Thumbnails Ids of any thumbnails for this digital file.