POST v1/producers

This method requires authentication.

Create a new Producer record.

Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information
resource Producer resource to be added

Define this parameter in the request body.

Request body formats

application/json, text/json

  "producer": {
    "active": true,
    "address": "sample string 2",
    "contact": "sample string 3",
    "email": "sample string 4",
    "id": 5,
    "location": 6,
    "notes": "sample string 7",
    "phoneOne": "sample string 8",
    "phoneTwo": "sample string 9",
    "name": "sample string 10",
    "website": "sample string 11"

application/xml, text/xml

<Resources xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
    <Address>sample string 2</Address>
    <Contact>sample string 3</Contact>
    <Email>sample string 4</Email>
    <Name>sample string 10</Name>
    <Notes>sample string 7</Notes>
    <PhoneOne>sample string 8</PhoneOne>
    <PhoneTwo>sample string 9</PhoneTwo>
    <Website>sample string 11</Website>